Love and Information

Lighting Technician

Written by Caryl Churchill // Dir. by Jonathan Strayer // Scenic by Adam Boyer // Lighting by Janet Hershey // Sound by Zacc Bangert // Photos by University Theatre

The Show

Love and Information is a play noted for its complex scenes presented without order, only organized by the director in the sequence of their choosing. The piece is abstract, leaving open many opportunities for creative design.

The Mission

Work with the head electrician to execute the designer's plot, and develop an effective implementation of specialty LED tape used in the design.

The Execution

The main challenge on this show was the implementation of specialty pixel tape from City Theatrical. The designer for this show wanted to display the flow of data from one point to another, and to do so we purchased QolorPix controllers and tape from City Theatrical to attach to the scenic trussing on stage. I worked with the manufacturer to spec and build custom cables to run to the tape, and with the programmer to establish and understand the control method for the tape.

The Results